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  • What is Fullest?

    Fullest is a mobile application that helps you live an uncompromising life.

    Fullest gives you insights into your passions, values and purpose, daily practices to help cutlivate them, and an inspiring community of people dedicated to living with intention.

  • What is the app based on?

    Fullest draws from a variety of sources, including the Japanese concept of Ikigai, gratitude/happiness research, and some other concepts and theories.


    Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being" or "reason for getting up in the morning". Ikigai is frequently explained using a Venn diagram containing four quadrants:

    Core Discovery replicates the first three of these quadrants (we've left out the "what you can be paid for" section to simplify the process, and because we don't believe one must be doing purposeful work in order to be living their purpose).

    Gratitude Research

    Fullest's "What are you grateful for?" Check-In question, as well as some of our Challenges, are based on a variety of studies that have consistently found gratitude to be a practice that makes people happier and healthier.

    Specifically, research conducted by Dr. Robert A. Emmons and Dr. Michael E. McCullough, showed that participants who wrote about gratitude on a daily basis were more optimistic, happier, and went to the doctor less. Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, has also conducted similar studies with equally-encouraging results.

  • How does privacy work? Who sees my stuff?

    Privacy is very important to us. That's why we've provided a number of options that allow you to control who sees your data.

    Both Check-In responses and Challenge completions can be set to either Public or Private. Note that because these two types of content comprise all activity in the Feed, you have the ability to stay completely private within the app if desired.

    Here's some more information on how to control the privacy of Check-In responses and Challenge completions:


    If the response to a Check-In of yours is public, that means other users may see it 1) in their feed (as the highlighted Check-In for that day, choosen by the system), 2) when they click on it to view your responses for that day, or 3) when they view your profile.

    Note that you can control the privacy of your Check-In respoonses individually on the Add Check-In screen (accessed by clicking the "+" icon in the footer) via the Public/Private toggle button. The default value of this toggle is public for new users, but you can change that default by navigating to Settings > Check-Ins > Privacy.


    Challenge completions are very similar to Check-Ins: if a Challenge completion is Public, other users may see it in their feed, when they view your profile, or when they view the Challenge itself.

    Also like Check-Ins, you can control the privacy of your completed Challenges individually when completing them (there is no "default" setting corresponding to Challenge completions, however, like there is for Check-Ins).

    If you have specific questions about privacy that are not answered here, don't hesitate to email us at

  • Why would I want to make my profile public?

    Your Fullest profile describes you in ways other social networks don't: your purpose, character strenghs, personal manifesto or guiding set of beliefs, and more.